Bring Your Own Phone + FREE Activation + Limited Time 3GB LTE Plan!

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    Was interested in signing up for this quite a few times. Every time I check phone eligibility it asks me the ICCID number of my sim card. How am I supposed to provide you my sim card ICCID if I am signing up and checking my phone eligibility to become a customer?

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    Hi @redpirate! Here are some basic steps you can take if you want to now your ICCID number in order to complete the eligibility process on our website. Please let us know if you need any other help with this issue and we will be happy to do so.
    1. Press the “Menu” button and select “Settings.”
    2. Scroll down and click on “About.”
    3. Click “Phone Identity” or “About,” depending on the model you are using.
    4. Your SIM number should appear as the SIM ID (or ICCID in some cases).

  • Davewright1990Davewright1990 Posts: 2Member

    I have been trying to subscribe for over a month now. Contacted customer support nobody has got in touch with me. I am currently a freedompop subscriber. They told me my phone in compatable but still cannot get the service. Sent from my Sony Xperia xa2

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    Hi @Davewright1990! Yes, at this moment you will be able to use our BYOP program with your FreedomPop device. Please make sure that the device has been released by them. You can also port your number if you'd like and we would be happy to help you with that once you get signed up. Have a great day!

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    Hi @vshoang! At this time we do not yet have a phone swap platform up and running. We hope to do so in the near future. At this moment the route to go would be to create a new account with another device.

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    Hello I would like the offer of the Byop plan. One of the phones your selling in this deal is an I phone 6 and that's what I have? So could I get the SIM kit offered please! @free trial #unrealmobile

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    Hi @leski1002! Since our plans currently work with CDMA devices we are not yet offering SIM kits until early September for GSM devices. If your device is a CDMA phone, then you would need to purchase a CDMA SIM that is compatible with your device's make and model through eBay or Amazon.

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    I have Sprint service and a Sprint Flip phone by Samsung.
    Can I switch to UnrealMobile? What would be the monthly charge?

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    Manny or specialist of the day, try to help out people bringing your own phone by continuing the 14 day trial past unreal's September GSM intro...yon ps: rsvp with number for signing on over the phone please. It's also a help to give a sim part number for pixel 2 & vendors, eg., Bestbuy...

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