Text & MMS over WiFi when no Sprint network

MikeCatzMikeCatz Posts: 7Member

So I know VoIP works over WiFo when there is no cellular signal.
It does not seem that text and MMS will work this way.
Will there be support for this?


  • MannyManny Posts: 134Member, Moderator mod

    Hi @MikeCatz! The great thing about UNREAL mobile is that if you download our app you will be able to make VoIP calls and send texts. However, MMS will not go out through the VoIP platform.

  • MikeCatzMikeCatz Posts: 7Member

    Hi @Manny,
    Ok. I set the Unreal app as my default text messaging app, yet I cant receive nor send messages??
    When I select a contact from within Unreal and check the message icon, it never invokes Unreal.
    I have cleared and reset the default messaging app a few times, with phone reboots, to no avail....

  • MannyManny Posts: 134Member, Moderator mod

    Thank you for the information and feedback @MikeCatz! I will be sure to escalate this through our development department and get back to you via DM. We'll surely find a fix for this as soon as possible.

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