Purchasing and then porting phone number from Ting

radarmcmanusradarmcmanus Posts: 4Member

What are the SPECIFIC steps I need to do to port Ally's Ting phone number
over to UnRealMobile from TingMobile. AND there's a $19.99 ZTE Prestige 2 with a $19.99 activation special.
I'm ready to do it on Saturday, Oct 1st.
Our Ting account is suspended at the moment because we couldn't pay the bill!
When I make the payment this Oct 1st, I will talk to Ting and make sure Ally's Ting phone number stays inactive for the porting.
I will be doing the same thing with mine next month.
Thank you


  • MannyManny Posts: 138Member, Moderator mod

    Hi, @radarmcmanus! Okay, let me clear this up for you. When you have the opportunity to bring your number over you will need to make sure that Ting does not cancel your account. If your account is canceled, the number would be lost if they cancel before or during the port-in process. You will then need to sign up with us and once your account is set up you can begin your port-in of the numbers. For this process, you will need to get your account number and PIN number from Ting. Once you are ready to port-in your number, you can reach me via PM and I will be happy to help you with any issues you might come across.

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